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Your guide, Garren King gets a small Alligator Gar from the Trinity River - Texas 14.2 kb
Smallmouth Buffalo - 28.65 lbs. 18.7 kb
Small Needlenose Gar. 20.5 kb
Another Carp. 28.6 kb
Competition shooter, Sean McKinnon has no problem getting fish!. 24.7 kb
Another fish shot by Sean. 15.8 kb
You don't have to be an experienced shooter to get fish. This was Tommys first time out! 22.8 kb
Steve Lamb with a Smallmouth Buffalo. 27.7 kb
Veteran shooter and guide assistant, Jerry Senkyr with a nice Buffalo. 19.8 kb
Dales first time out and he gets plenty of fish. 12.7 kb
I think its safe to say that everyone is having a blast. (except the fish) 29.1 kb
Heres Chris Homer with one of many nice fish. 20.1 kb
Veteran Gator Gar hunter, Walt Klein saving the small ones for Gar bait!. 10.7 kb
Watch your step. Its a good thing we are not on the Gator Gars menu! 24.5 kb
Matt's first time out! 23.0 kb
Pullin' in a carp. 27.1 kb
Chris and his first Carp. 16.0 kb
The Wells family after a 2 night trip. 47.4 kb
I don't think this one was getting away! 24.9 kb
Colby and Cory Wells with a couple of buffalo. 46.4 kb
Eric Wells with a needlnose gar. 34.9 kb
John Wells with a buffalo. 24.9 kb
Mikes first time bowfishing and he shot quite an assortment of fish. Heres one of the carp. 35.7 kb
Here's Sam with a nice buffalo. 31.1 kb
Brian also gets a buffalo. 42.8 kb
Fred flew in from California for a 2 night trip and shot over 40 fish! 29.3 kb
Here's Fred with a 14# buffalo. 29.1 kb
Ryon with a common carp. He also got quite a few gar and buffalo. 40.9 kb
Ben shot several gar and buffalo. Here's one of the buffalo. 27.8 kb
Doug with a nice carp. 18.0 kb
Here's Doug and Mike with a "double header". 15.1 kb
Jeff and a needlenose gar. 22.3 kb
Casey also gets a needlenose. 23.3 kb
Fred was back in 2003 for more action. He shot over 30 fish in his two night trip. This is one of the needlenose. 26.0 kb
Jeff is back, this time with his friend Allen. Here's their Gar "double header" 22.7 kb
I can always count on Mike to produce. This buffalo weighed over 24#. 50.2 kb
Mike with a 15# gar. 46.2 kb
Some of the fish taken from one trip. 28.1 kb
Alan and Jason from True Flight Video Productions and some of the fish from their trip. 31.5 kb
Curt's first time to bowfish and, as you can see, he had no trouble getting fish!. 36.9 kb
As if the multitude of fish he shot wasn't good enough...Curt also shoots a lake record buffalo at 27.6 lbs. 22.9 kb
Alan came back for more action and sets a new lake record with this 31.8 pound buffalo. 23.9 kb
Fred booked a second trip to close out the 2003 season and scored a few good ones. Here's a nice Buffalo. 23.0 kb
Fred also got this nice Needlenose. 25.0 kb
This is Alans 3rd trip and he's definitely hooked on this sport! 46.7 kb
This is a nice drum taken on his 3rd trip. 28.3 kb
Here! ... You take this off! 30.8 kb
Jason booked another trip to close out the season and Alan wasn't about to miss an opportunty to go again! 20.2 kb
Drew closed out this season with some nice fish. Heres one of his buffalo. 101 kb
Drew with another nice buffalo. 94.9 kb
David and his son Carter kicked off the 2005 season with a productive night. Heres a double stick! 52.2 kb
David with a nice drum. 38.7 kb
Carter with a nice buffalo 55.5 kb
Even the girls can do it! Sherri came down from Las Vegas and shot quite a few fish on her trip. Heres a nice shortnose gar. 38.6 kb
Nothing like booking a bowfishing trip for your sorority party. Christina from Ohio with a common carp. 76.7 kb
Girls gone wild on Bowfishing. Kacey with a Spotted gar. Please don't lick the fish! 77.5 kb
Fred never misses a season. This is his 5th year back from California. 97.4kb
Melissa and the crew came down from Missouri for a warm Spring night of shooting. 65.5 kb
Tim set a lake record for needlenose on his trip. This one is 20.1 lbs. 28.1kb
Kiley and Dwayne shot the usual variety of fish on their trip. Heres a shot of the buffalo that they kept. 103kb
Erics first time to bowfish and he has no trouble landing a few. 34.3kb
"Wild Man" Matt gets a needlenose. 28.1kb
A quick shot for Mike lands him a 12 inch gizzard shad. 26.2kb
Jim and Jake came down from Oklahoma for a night of shooting and had some great luck. Heres Jim with a carp. 35.4kb
Heres Jake with a nice Buffalo. 44.4kb
This is the fun stuff that happens for which you signed the liabilty waiver. Edward found out that it's best to stay clear of a gar when its floppin' around with that mouth full of teeth wide open. 44.3kb
Scott and Brandon drove down from Nebraska and kicked of the 2007 season with a bang. 88.1kb
This just goes to show that you never know what you will come across while bowfishing. Your guide shoots a silver arowana in a local Texas lake - State Record - 2009. 89.3kb
Like I stated on the picture above, you never know what you will come across while bowfishing. We fished this out of the shallow waters - Oct./2009. 312.0kb
Dustin Nippert of the Texas Rangers shot this nice buffalo - 2010. 116.0kb
Matt Harrison of the Texas Rangers shot this nice gar - 2010. 113.0kb
Jeremy came down from Missouri and shot quite a few buffalo and gar - 2011. 45.1kb
Zane from Mansfield started the night with a nice carp and finished out with quite a few fish - July 2013 116.5kb
Kind of an oddity. Xanthic morph gar shot by Ned July 2014. 78.8kb

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