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$90.00 per night per shooter.
No hidden or extra fees.
3 shooters maximum per boat.
Observers ride free of charge.
If you don't get a shot at a fish then you don't pay!

What you will need...
You must possess a valid Texas fishing license.
Sign a waiver of liabilty agreement.
All equipment will be furnished.
Our bows are set at 50lbs. You will need to be capable of drawing a bow of this weight unless
you have your own equipment setup for your specific needs.
You are more than welcome to bring and use your own equipment.

Hunting times...
Trips may be booked nightly 7 days a week. - weather & availabilty permitting.
Nightly hunts start after dark. Depending on the time of year trips can be booked for the following time slots:
8 PM - 12 AM
9 PM - 1 AM
10 PM - 2 AM
We also do half nights at a reduced rate for those who prefer not to be out late. Two hour half-nights are $50.00 per shooter. Cancellations are no problem, but please give us at least 24 hours notice if possible.

We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and hunt the surroundings lakes. Most of the
lakes offer a variety of the fishes listed below, but some are better for specific fish. Let us know what
your after and we'll pick the best lake for your needs.
There are plenty of Hotels/Motels in the immediate vicinity. Give us a call for the best places to stay.

What fish can you expect to shoot?
You will most likely see:
Small Mouth Buffalo
Common Carp
Needlenose Gar
Shortnose Gar
Spotted Gar
Gizzard shad
We will also encounter alot of game fish but Texas law does not allow the shooting of such,
only "rough" fish may be taken with a bow.

Booking a trip...
You may book a trip by calling King Entertainment at (817) 992-7891 or
Emailing us at Premier Bowfishing

Have a specific question?
Please email us at Premier Bowfishing

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